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My Story

Alicia Messner is a mother and award-winning artist residing in the Pacific Northwest. Her interest in art began as a young teen. While exploring a variety of techniques and mediums she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Culture, Literature, and the Arts from the University of Washington. She is inspired by her daily life as a mother and the beauty of her home, Washington state. She is passionate about bringing beauty to everything she touches. Alicia also enjoys exploring local trails with her daughter and dog, reading, and learning new things.



In 2023 I worked on illustrating a children's book Except for all that Noise for my good friend Nicole Perriella-Rehmke. The book offers helpful tools for those who experience noise sensitivity. It won The Golden Wizard Book Prize for 2024. You can find the book and accompanying journal on Amazon and at Barnes & Nobel.


My goal is to foster a connection through shared experiences and emotions while celebrating the resilience, vulnerability, and profound love that define motherhood.

Flourite 12x9.jpg
Beyond Dreams 11x17 Oil Pastel $333.jpg


I seek to explore and express the deep emotions and dynamic changes that come with the transformative life experience of motherhood. My work delves into the complexities of maternal love, the intensity of connection, the struggles, and the unparalleled joy that define the essence of being a mother.

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